A Recap of My First Week at Beauty School

I’ve completed my first week at Empire Beauty School and I absolutely love it!  One week down, 14 weeks to go in pre-salon.  Once I complete my pre-salon class, I get to work on clients and guests on the student salon floor.

For the first day of beauty school, we were working on our mannequins.  By the fourth day of school, we were working on each other doing scalp treatments.  I love that we are learning how to do consultations from the very beginning.  I mean, where else can you go to school where you are hands-on by the fourth day of class?

Our first test was on Friday.  It consisted to two parts: a written test, with 20 questions on hair treatment, and a practical test.  For the practical test, we had to do the scalp treatment we learned on each other to our mannequins.  Both parts had to be completed from memory and we received a grade.

I got a 100 on the written portion and a 95 on the practical (I lost points because my parts started going crooked, I need to work on that.)  I’m so proud of myself.

Remember we have 3 factors going into one over all class grade: our attendance, practical test and written test.  My average so far, after the first week of beauty school, is 97!

Just a side note, from day one Empire Beauty School is teaching us state boards regulations to prepare us for our cosmetology license.  To be qualified to do hair, you have to have a cosmetology license.  With everything we learn, we should keep state boards in mind.  We won’t just need to know our beauty school lessons to pass the state boards, we’ll also need to follow the State Board standards for the rest of our professional careers.

Don't mind my messy hair - I just had mine done :)

Friday after our test we had a bonus lesson in hair designing.  We went over some theory in blow drying and styling.  The student teachers did a demo, then we were free to try it out on our own.  We also learned how to use the curling iron.  It’s tough.   It’s not your average spring action curling iron.  You have to figure out how to control it using all of your fingers.  Then,  it gets easier.  Below, you’ll see a few pictures from my first styling lesson.

Overall, it has been an amazing week and I never want to miss a day of school. I have great classmates, a great teacher, and awesome student teachers.  Empire Beauty School sure knows how to pick them.  I’m learning so much.

Next week starts hair cutting, whoop whoop!  I already get to do my first haircut on December 22nd as part of a practical test.  Any brave souls out there interested in letting this beauty school student take a snip at your hair?


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3 Responses to A Recap of My First Week at Beauty School

  1. Ashley says:

    Go Nina! Love the quote!

  2. Cris Rivera says:

    Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

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